Behaviour Change, Strategy Consulting, Business Development.

  • Advised one or more organizations
  • Held a C-level position within an organization
  • Received one or more certifications
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Served on a board of directors for an organization
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Expert in Change, Leadership and Business Development
  • Helping Clients Succeed The Speed of Trust, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, The 7 Habits
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients


Kevin Vaughan-Smith
The greatest results flow not from what we tell our colleagues to do, but from changing their beliefs about what's possible and what's the right thing for them to do.
Kevin Vaughan-Smith, Managing Director, Haylin Associates, is an expert in enabling leadership teams to create compelling visions and strategies and connecting the behaviours that produce results. His experience gained in a variety of leadership roles in some of the largest IT organisations has translated into leading major change in Commercial, Government and Professional Services organisations, most recently leading a globally adopted Cultural change programme at EY in the UK that transformed behaviour and results. Kevin believes in the fundamental power of relationships in business using a transactional approach, and helps others to recognise how to employ emotional inteligence to build deep trust in teams and with clients, whilst unleashing the potential of those relationships to produce mutually beneficial and sustainable results. Using his approach, sales performance, team effectivness and client engagement are transformed. Kevin is an inspiring speaker, coach and mentor who has worked in the UK and Internationally.


  1. CEO - Europe, O1O Group

    O1O focuses on helping organisations who have a focus on major accounts, and their ability to grow is based on success of this strategy.   So often the reality is higher costs, lower margin and frustration.  O1O has proven it has the ability to crack the code on this important issues.  Kevin is responsible for growth of this market leading company across Europe 

  2. -
    Executive Director , EY

    Executive Director & Commercial Director, Ernst & Young LLP 2013 – 2018
    Appointed to lead the successful implementation of a behavioural change programme and the go to market effort on key new offerings.
    • Conducted a review of existing structures and operations to identify what needed to be changed to align the culture with the firm’s long-term goals and utilised data to define a comprehensive change programme that met these needs and requirements.
    • Implemented various formal and informal change processes across the firm across the change period, adapting strategy in line with the fast-changing environment and creating a large, informal, hierarchy and change team that can delivered market growth. This ensured that EY remained competitive and establishing the firm as the most favoured employer while achieving multiple years of market leading growth in the UK.
    • Successfully influenced a cultural shift across the firm of 13,000 staff of all levels of seniority, aligning the mind-sets and objectives of employees with the overall strategic focus of the firm. The measured results of the programme led to the global implementation across EY, establishing it as a core component of their future programme.

  3. Managing Director , FranklinCovey Europe Ltd

    Invited to become MD of this failing UK arm of US parent, FranklnCovey, Global training and consulting business, and authors of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Speed of Trust and 4 Disciplines of Execution.  During my tenure, I implemented a new sales strategy, new sales processes, and radically improved Client relationships.  As a result the business became a highly successful and profitable subsidiary.

  4. -
    Founder, Haylyn Associates

    I established Haylyn Associates in order to help organisations such as Lloyds Bank, BP, MSN, Aviva and many others deliver on their most important goals by creating vision which turned into new and better behaviours.

Proudest Accomplishment

Developing and Implementing Change in a Big 4 Audit Firm.

Experience Highlights

  • Founder of Haylin Associates
    A consultancy with the specific purpose of helping clients who understand Mutual Vlaue and SynerGy
  • Associate Partner EY
    Responsible for creating a new Client focussed culutre in the the Firm UK wide
  • Managing Diretor FranklinCovey Europe
    Succesfully led the turnaround of a UK subsidiary of a global learning and consulting firm

Education Highlights

  • BSc Honours Politics and Economics QMC Univ Of London
  • Advanced Management Programme INSEAD


  • strategy consulting
  • business development and Sales
  • building trust
  • Strategy execution
  • change
  • Public Speaking

Personal Recommendations

Juliet Shaw - Director Forensic Advisory Assurance EY Llp
What a privilege. I worked with Kevin for 5 years and gained so much from him. Kevin has a wealth of experience in BD and leadership and leverages that knowledge to challenge those around him to aspire to achieve more. Kevin is intrinsically commercial, whilst working with a strong commitment to ensuring that relationships are based on mutual benefit, thinking win/win. I confidently recommend Kevin as a coach and as a commercial leader.
Maggie Stillwell - Senior Partner EY Llp
I have worked with Kevin for a number of years while he was at EY and personally benefited hugely from his training and coaching on how to build better relationships and win work. Not only has he got huge technical knowledge backed by relevant war stories, he is quick, humorous and able to challenge effectively - huge positives when trying to reverse bad habits of his audiences developed over years. He has infectious enthusiasm and desire to make a positive impact but with the ego left at the door. Huge recommend for anyone who is considering Kevin for helping lead change, learn fast and influence behaviours. EY will miss your leadership.
David Lister - Partner EY Llp
I worked with Kevin when he supported our team on a sales culture change programme. He was terrific, challenging and engaging in equal measure. He was able to effectively challenge a senior team in a way that I've not seen from others in his field.
Craig Barrett - Management Consultant NHS
Kevin is an inspirational and intelligent person to work with and learn from. Having worked with Kevin for over a year now it is clear that he 'walks the walk' as well as 'talking the talk'. Kevin shares his knowledge and lessons generously, bulding high quality relationships based on Trust.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking to change their view of the world and to make a stepped change in their performance.
Steve Young - CFO FranklinCovey Corp.
Kevin is an excellent leader of our UK operations. We ask for significant results from our international business and Kevin is always up to the task. Kevin gets the job done, engages his employees and develops meaningful customer relationships. Kevin is a good friend who I highly recommend.
David Apparicio - CEO The Chrysalis Foundation
I highly recommend Kevin as someone that has a creative and keen mind for business consultancy, improvement and solutions. Kevin broke down/through procedures and ways of working when he first took up the role of MD at Franklin Covey Europe enabling me to incorporate FC training solutions into large scale Change and Leadership programmes within The Royal Mail Group. Kevin has an abundance attitude and has provided personal support and guidance, backed with resources of Franklin Covey and Dr Stephen R Covey, such that we have worked in true partnership in the creation of the innovative The Chrysalis Programme.


How much do you think they will pay>

Having grown up in a sales world where the emphasis on achieving targets created so much lose-win and win-lose thinking one of the most emotionally charged questions an Account Team ever discusses was: How much do you think they will pay? Often this is a discussion that happens way down the track towards submitting a proposal. Why? Simply, because nobody has worked out with the Client what the value is the project might create or what a reasonable return or value should be to the Vendor. So...


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